Sometimes all it takes is a moment in time, and in the moment all seems clear. As a surfer paddled by, with a huge grin on their face, a single word was exclaimed. That word was YES and saying yes, has become the objective.

The Yes Collective was formed by Will Bartlett, out of a desire to work in a new way, with a methodology that completely engages the clients and artists and engineers. The collective must agree unanimously to work on a project, with all members defining their roles and responsibilities.  From a place of complete commitment, the Collective takes the opinion that nothing is impossible and the unbelievable can be realized. 

We seek out artists who are willing to commit and contribute either existing or new work, to integrate and create as the projects require.  We cultivate engineers, who see the world a bit differently and provide unique solutions to problems, known and unknown. 

Ultimately we believe that a dedicated group of passionate individuals can do anything, because we have in the past, and we will in the future.

About Will Bartlett

The son of a fine artist and a past database architect, Will was raised in West Philadelphia to believe in the unknown, the magical and unfathomable. 

Throughout his life Will has possessed a strong work ethic, coupled with a childlike playfulness that drives his discovery of his talents and creative desires. Will has worked in a wide range of industries over the years, climbing rung by rung every time.  From scenic design, to songwriting, and software development to cyber security solutions, Will’s experience and depth is expansive. With over 15 years in the entertainment industry, designing, producing and performing in a variety of artistic pursuits and 11 years at Apple, architecting and developing groundbreaking solutions, Will has a unique background that has shaped what he wants to offer to the world.

The formation of The Yes Collective is a way to finally bring together Will’s love of the arts and technology, merging together the complexity of engineering problems, the beauty of human emotions and the spectacle of performance.  Will is dedicated to creating the unbelievable and showing the world what it’s going to look like in the future.


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