An artistic engineering collective dedicated to delivering the unbelievable.


From sonic design to photography, from painting to performance, the Collective is multi-disciplined in its skillset.  With a long history steeped in the arts, members bring a wide range of skills to projects. Either in a role of creating or consulting, the Collective injects a new perspective into what you are trying to accomplish. 

Disciplines that we embrace:  

  • Audio and Music 
  • Video and Film
  • Theatrical Design and Production
  • Graphic Design and Illustration
  • Visual and Fine Art
  • Storytelling and Story Development
  • Presentation and Oration


With years of experience in the tech industry, the Collective members have delivered multi-million dollar software solutions, system architectures, integrations and critical products. From a deep understanding of what it takes to build quality, the Collective engineers solutions and products that exceed expectations.

What we engineer:

  • Web Development
  • iOS and macOS Development
  • Server Development
  • System Architecture
  • Payment Solutions 
  • Hardware Development and Integration
  • Cyber Security 

Art Tech

The Yes Collective’s mission is to consult, design, architect and develop compelling and engaging projects and products for our customers. We take a unique approach to combining our skills in various art and engineering disciplines to understand the clients needs, and provide solutions that delight the senses. We thrive on the complex, and drive ourselves to create simplicity and elegance from that complexity.  We believe that nothing is impossible, it just requires a commitment to discovery.  This commitment is why we chose to only work on a single project at a time, being fully dedicated to our clients needs. We create what has never existed.

  • Immersive experiences
  • Kiosks and engagement platforms
  • Experience design, and development
  • New media, and the not yet seen

We look forward to working with you. 

To find out more about The Yes Collective, please visit our ABOUT page, or better yet, get in touch though our CONTACT page! 

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